Eve MotionBlinds – smart homes made simple

Do you want to control your home with smart technology? Then discover Eve MotionBlinds, the only window covering motors that work with Apple HomeKit technology directly from your iPhone, without a bridge, registration or any cloud dependency. Easy, reliable, future-proof and smart in a minute.

Easy and Reliable

Eve MotionBlinds supports Bluetooth and Thread. Simply scan the HomeKit Setup Code with your iPhone to connect Eve MotionBlinds, and create schedules to put your blinds on autopilot. Instead of relying on a cloud, all data and intelligence are stored locally, which means data exchanged in the home stays in the home. Controlling Eve MotionBlinds automatically and away from home requires a HomePod mini or an Apple TV (4th generation or later) as a home hub.

Future Proof

Thread not only makes Eve MotionBlinds work with Apple HomeKit technology, it also makes them ready for the smart home of the future: Matter. Matter is a new smart home protocol developed jointly by big-names including Apple, Amazon, Google, and many other manufacturers of smart home products such as Eve.

Safety, Energy Efficiency & Convenience

Smart window coverings are continuously in motion, making the home always seem inhabited, even when you are away from home.

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