What do I use for Sliding or Patio Doors?

What do I use for Sliding or Patio Doors?

Sliding doors are a popular interior design choice due to their ease of access and the fact that they don’t take up much space. They are often featured in spaces like patios, bedrooms, and living rooms. But these are all very different spaces with varying needs, and a window covering that works for one room might not necessarily be a good fit for another.

Before you settle on any one window treatment, consider the following questions:

  • How much natural light do you want to let in?
  • Do you need to control your privacy?
  • Is there a particular look or appeal you’re after?
  • Are there any unique measurements or oddities in the space that must be taken into account?


Should you choose roller blinds, shutters, Verti Shades or vertical blinds. Start your search by identifying any particular specific benefits you’d like to have. For example:

  • Room darkening or blackout
  • Advanced privacy control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Children and animals
  • Interior design

Sliding doors are typically located in high-traffic areas and window treatments on these doors are subject to quite a bit of wear and tear. As you make your selection, look for the best options that are well-constructed from durable materials that are easy to clean.


For the most part, blinds, shades, and shutters are fairly low-maintenance and a good option for high traffic areas. Curtains however collect dust quickly and are the most labour-intensive to clean. You can spot-clean and dust your sliding door window treatments every few weeks to remove any accumulated debris such as dust and dirt, keeping them in mint condition. The Verti Shades can be unclipped and individual vanes can be washed and rehung.

Vertical Blinds

Engineered for improved durability and performance, Vertical Blinds are a modern update for the favoured sliding door standard window covering. While remaining simple to operate and effective at blocking light leakage from the top and with almost 50 colours texture styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a perfect match for your sliding doors.

Vertical Blinds offer greater light-blocking capabilities, which is ideal for intimate spaces like living rooms and bedrooms. With a simple turn of the wand, you can easily adjust your vanes for optimized light levels, UV protection, and privacy.

Verti Shades

Unlike other window coverings, our Verti Shades are created specifically for transitional indoor-outdoor spaces. The elegant individual sheer and fabric vane construction allows you to walk through the shade without opening or closing, making these a fashionable and functional solution for sliding doors that still give the utmost privacy and light control.

Verti Shades come in a variety of on-trend whites and off-whites, so you can cultivate a slick look in a modern space. Easy to operate, you can transition from sheer to solid fabric and still retain your ability to pass through the shade easily, even when the shade is covering your sliding door.

Lifestyle Shutters

Our own range of indoor shutters are able to be open and closed bypass shutters: This system is perfect for patio doors, as it keeps each side of the shutter connected, allowing you to slide them easily back and forth. Choose from either open or closed bypass shutters. Open bypass shutters feature lovers that can remain open even when the doors are stacked right in front of each other, allowing you to enjoy unobstructed views. Closed bypass shutters have louvers that remain closed when the doors are stacked in front of each other, creating a more private home environment.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are able to achieve a larger width that span a regular sliding door. You usually use 2 blinds so that you can control them individually to allow access and light control.  There are a numerous opacities, textures and colours to choose from with ease of cleaning and maintenance as an added extra.

Excellence is in the details. We provide a vast selection of window treatments that can be tailored to meet your exact needs. From energy-efficient hades to beautiful shutters you can trust us to provide durable solutions for your windows and doors.

So when you invest in our products you can create an elegant, energy efficient space that’s both functional and fashionable for years to come. Our experience and quality speak for themselves.


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