Can window blinds look like shutters?

Yes, there are a few kinds of blinds that will help you create the look of interior shutters for less of the cost but still in the same style and we recommend the Venetian blind as the front runner.

Shutters are window coverings that can be opened and closed manually. They are usually used for privacy and security reasons to cover windows completely. Similarly blinds are made of slats that change position to block or allow light.

Venetian blinds are great because they also allow you to control the amount of light coming into your room while providing complete privacy at the same time. They are also easy to operate. You have to raise or lower the slats to let in the right amount of light. When you close the slats completely, you’ll get total darkness.

If installed correctly, Venetian blinds can closely match the style of our Lifestyle plantation type shutters.

How to Make Blinds Look Like Shutters

The key to making blinds look like shutters is installing them in two panes. Shutters are usually bi-fold, so you have to make your window blinds look in this style. Adding a frame around them will further improve the look.

Our  custom-fit Venetian blinds are great alternatives. They’re made to measure so they match your window frame exactly, giving you a seamless look you’d get with shutters, but without the hassle and bigger price tag.

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