Everyone loves curtaining and rage is the sheer fabrics but their expense, cleaning and bulk can be troublesome. Our latest window coverings provide the perfect balance of style, durability and child safety features to complement your unique interior style and lifestyle needs.

With VertiShades ™ you can have the aesthetic of a sheer with the privacy that a curtain or blind can offer. The fabric vanes feature alternating light filtering and room darkening fabric vanes that are not connected by any chains. Perfect for large windows and sliding door applications, they  stack neatly to the left, right or split stack for an unobstructed view or complete access to the doors.

Simply turn the wand one way and the fabric provides privacy and light blocking. Turn the wand the other way and the mesh fabric lets more light through. You can angle the blades in any direction depending on the sun, or pull them back for full sunlight. The soft fabric hangs beautifully. Free from noisy connecting chains and bottom weights, the window coverings operate quietly and settle back into position after passing through

They can be easily handwashed or spot cleaned so are suitable for homes with pets and children.

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