Shutters Vs Blinds

Are you looking for new window coverings for your home but aren’t sure whether blinds or shutters are best? We have put together some of the pros and cons of each to give you an idea of what the best choice is for your home.

Shutters versus blinds

These are two very different window covering options however they do share a few qualities.

Similarities between blinds and shutters

  • Both have options for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Both good quality options for your home
  • Both have options suitable for wet areas
  • Both are child safe


Blinds are a great option for your home as they’re versatile, suit a variety of budgets and give your home privacy and light control.

Benefits of blinds

  • Can be motorised
  • Are typically cheaper than shutters
  • More colour and fabric options

There are many types of blinds available to choose from, including your standard indoor blinds, our exclusive designer range or outdoor blinds.

Indoor blinds

When choosing indoor blinds, there a few options to consider.

If you’re after a more simplistic, versatile and affordable blind, the best options for you are:

  • Roller blinds
  • Double roller blinds or
  • Vertical Blinds

These blinds are made from material panels or slats and many are available in block in addition to standard fabric.

If you’re wanting blinds made from different materials, consider Venetian blinds that are available in a timber look or aluminium options. Both the timber-look and aluminium Venetians are a great option for wet areas, such as your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom as they are more durable and can withstand humidity better than many other blind options.

Outdoor blinds

Our in – house manufactured and designed outdoor blinds are suitable to use to semi or fully enclose an outdoor area to create a space for entertaining all year round.

Motorised blinds

Unlike shutters which require manual operation many of our blinds have the option for motorisation.

We make use of either Somfy or Eve MotionBlinds and both are compatible with indoor and outdoor Roller blinds.

Are blinds more affordable than shutters?

Unlike shutters, which tend to have a higher price point, you can easily find a style of blinds to match your budget. The most affordable indoor blinds tend to be Verticals, Venetians, and Roller blinds.


Benefits of shutters

  • Increase light and airflow
  • Insulating
  • Child safe
  • Low maintenance – with wide, flat louvres, shutters are easy to clean.
  • Can increase the value of your home

Shutters are an attractive choice for their durable nature and universal appeal.

Outdoor shutters

Our outdoor and security shutters are aluminium and are used more for outdoor entertaining area to help regulate the temperature, add privacy, security and to enclose the space.

Insulation from shutters

The robust design of shutters creates an additional layer of insulation over windows working to keep heat inside during winter and block heat out in summer.

This helps to regulate the ambient temperature throughout the year and it also means your home will be more ESKOM/loadshedding resilient.

To further customise each installation we also install a roller blind or Honey Comb blind in the reveal to maximise the insulation and light control in an area.

Are shutters and blinds both childproof?

Some of our range of blinds, such as Roller blinds, have additional control options to increase child safety. For example, you can choose the Luxaflex range which is designed with child safety in mind and has international accreditation for their advancement in this field.

The final verdict: blinds versus shutters

Pros of blinds

The main pros of choosing blinds for your home are:

  • Many types of blinds can be motorised
  • They are more customisable to suit your home with many different colours, fabric options and materials available
  • They have a lower price point than shutters

Pros of shutters

Whereas the pros of choosing shutters for your home include:

  • Shutters can be installed inside and outside
  • They could add value to your home
  • They are easy to keep clean 

Cons of blinds

The downsides of choosing blinds include:

  • Harder to clean as many are made from fabric
  • Can be damaged if they get wet and are subject to wear and tear

Cons of shutters

  • Can’t currently be motorised
  • Are more expensive than blinds.

It is a difficult decision but we trust we have helped make the selection easier.

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